conversion of a 	pre-alternator timing case

Following many requests for help in fitting a BT-H Electronic Magneto in place of the old platform magneto on competition engines I can now offer a modification to your existing timing cover. It is easy to fit the later timing case from the alternator engine but they never make a perfect match. This can lead to out of line camshaft bushes that wear because of slight missalignment. By modifying the original timing case you have peace of mind that everything lines up correctly.This is the original mag/dyno timing cover with a 3 stud magneto flange welded and finished machined.


Typical conversion kit

Very often a customer wants the facility to attach a revcounter drive to a lower spec engine and create the sports look. With a lightly tuned engine this is a good way of ensuring that the engine is not over reved. Once the correct position has been determined a 50mm hole is machined into the cover or case and a support plate for the gearbox drive is welded in position. The weld is then dressed and polished to acheive a factory finish.