Typical conversion kit

This is the type of self generating ignition unit as fitted to the Poor Mans Manx. They are available to fit a large number of machines. regardless of make, if your engine is the alternator type you can probably fit one if not you can contact me and I will have the answer in 24 hours.

Typical conversion kit

This is a shot of the coil mounted on the back of the empty timing cover. The coil can be mounted on the frame under the petrol tank where it is out of sight and leaves the clean lines of the timing case uncluttered.

Typical conversion kit

Here is the complete instalation again with the coil attached to the rear of the timing case. But again it can be fitted in a place of your choice. Because the unit is self generating and requires no battery power there is no ignition switch, but a hidden switch can be fitted under the seat or in some other location that is also an engine stop switch.

Traditional looks but fully electronic

This is the fully electronic BTH Magneto that I can supply. If you have a full lighting system running from the alternator but often find you have a flat battery when you wish to go out on a run then this is the answer.

Also included, first kick starting

This is not an old reconditioned unit. It is a new body CNC machined from billet fitted with sealed bearings and a stainless steel shaft. The advance and retard is fully electronic with no moving parts to malfunction.

Classic looks

Because this magneto is fully independent, when you start your machine with a flat battery all the power that is generated by the alternator is directed to the battery. In this situation you can switch on your headlight the moment the engine is running and drive home in the dark with no problem.

This is the latest offering from BT-H. It is a self generating magneto with a 110W alternator sat on top and is designed to take the place of the old Magneto/dynamo. It was developed and tested juring 2006 and clocked up several thousand miles on two seperate motorcycles, an Ariel Red Hunter and a BSA Goldstar.

Here is another view showing the Mag/Alt unit. Please not that it is platform mounted and not available in flange mounting.

One last view from another angle. If you are still using the original Amal 275 carb the alternator body could catch the float chamber but at this moment in time I am not sure.

For those of you who are interested the engine is one of my all aluminium 600cc short stroke units.