Fits cylinder heads 1957 to 1963 I am allways looking for the late type rocker boxes shown in the photo. If you have one and you just leave it under the bench collecting dust you are stopping another Norton going back on the road. I will also purchase Mod 50 cylinder heads so again if you have one collecting dust please mail me by using my contact page or phone me on 01257 471014.


I have several engines fully reconditioned that date from 1948 to 1963, some have aluminium cylinder heads. Allthough they are reconditioned they are not assembled. The reason for this is that the customer can specify changes to the engine to suit his own requirements. You may require a high compression piston fitting or different cam timing. You may want a none std ballance factor or a short stroke crank. As well as building a completely standard unit I can assemble an engine for road racing, sprinting, hill climbing or pre 65 scrambling, the choice is yours Please use the contact page for more information or phone me on 01257 471014.


Fits direct to crankcase
Holds the Alternator

The two items shown in the photos are urgently required to put another Norton back on the road. If you have either of these parts please use my contact page or phone me on 01257 471014.